Monday, May 21, 2007

A little bit of History.........blah, blah, blah

I thought I should share a little bit of my history with you all....I have always been chubby, my Parents liked to say I was big boned!! At my wedding 9 years ago I weighed 180 lbs. Before having my 1st daughter, Eliza I weighed 204 lbs. My heaviest was last summer when I topped the scales at 241 lbs...yes I said 241! I started a program called Simply for was awesome! Christmas 2006 I was down to 211lbs...and currently the scale shows that's 37 lbs...but the last couple mths I've just been that's the real reason for starting this blog...I don't mind maintaining but I'd like to be maintaining a 60 or 70 lb weight loss not a 37 lbs weight loss....I have another 64 pounds to go to reach goal...and I know it's possible!! Tuesday nights are my weigh-in that means tomorrow night we shall see what the scale has to say! I'm off to "Walk Away The Pounds"....2 Mile walk tonight!

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Crazymrsnancy said...

You can do it!! Congrats on the maintaining of 37lbs! they always say that maintaining is a lot harder than losing weight.. well i've been trying to lose weight since I was 9 years old so wow, I'm dreading the maintaining part LOL