Thursday, May 24, 2007

1 pc 12 grain bread
1tbsp strawberry rhubarb jam

1 oz low fat cheese

SFL Chili
2/3 C Yogurt

Chicken Nachos.....Didn't overdo it though!

Last night I did my WATP the exercise isn't going too bad either.....

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Crazymrsnancy said...

Mmm yum! What brand of strawberry rhubarb jam do you buy ? Or do you make it? I want to learn how to make jams this summer so that I can make my own with splenda. I used to buy Ed Smith no sugar added jam, but I realized recently that "Our compliments" - the light blue/healthier options series has the same amount of sugar and is cheaper so I get that hehe. I'm back to -42!! *snoopy dance* only 1 lbs more to lose before Im back to where I was before I gained. It took me a whole week to lose that 6lbs of movie popcorn!! Never again! hehe (okay, maybe sometime, just not in the near future ehe)